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Customer Reviews


"I left some negative feedback the day before yesterday, because I’d ordered food but the restaurant was closed when I got there. I went to the restaurant yesterday and the proprietor told me they had had a big problem with their cooker and my pre payment would be returned to me. I told the proprietor I was a bit disappointed because I had been looking forward to the meal after having read the rave reviews he had online. God bless him he said come round tomorrow and I’ll give you two meals on the house. I was really touched by his generosity and am going to make his restaurant a regular place to visit. "

Ila Shah

"Very fresh and very tasty food. "

Saroj Doshi

"The food was excellent and we had great fun The owner was so accommodating and looked after our need for taste suggested some good dishs We had enjoyed throughout"

Saroj Doshi

"Excellent food Good service and lovely ambiance. The owner is taking very good care of food and make sure customers are fulfilled with their food and service "

Riten Shah

"Fantastic food and mr joy prepares fantastic Jain food !"

Amitkumar dagali

"Very good food"

Sharmit Shah

"Always Nice Test , Very Friendly Service ...!!"

Brian Wingate

"Absolutely lovely and I’m a meat eater "

Kishan Joshi

"Amazing food as always, but all dishes were a little too spicy than usual. Will specify spice level on my next order! "

Mehul Mehta

"Tasty food but can improve on appearance "